CABINET HARDWARE the Things to Consider

The cabinet hardware is easy to combine with their colors and styles like the pulls and the knobs. You can already see an enormous variety of designs you have to pick from a shop. Once you’ve decided on pulls versus hardware knobs, the next decision is the type of metal and it’s finish. This is an important decision when it comes to your budget as basic chrome hardware starts around $1.00 per piece while nickel and bronze will cost more with prices starting around $5.00 per piece. What seems like a simple decision can cost several hundred dollars given the several pieces you have to buy for a kitchen or bathroom. Choose from a majority that we offer in-house so you do not have to outsource, it’s all in the same place.

Pulls versus Knobs

Cabinet pulls and knobs now come in thousands of shapes, sizes, materials and color. When adding hardware to cabinets (some cabinet styles do not require hardware), a choice of pulls versus knobs has to be made. Sometimes you can even mix can match pulls and knobs with the same cabinet. When doing this, pulls are mainly used for drawers and knobs for doors.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

The choice of the type and finish is mainly determined by the budget:

Porcelain and vintage glass – more commonly used for door knobs, will be sourced more easily in antique stores.

Chrome – has a polished mirror finish, is durable and tarnish-free. Maintenance is easy, like wiping off finger prints.

Stainless steel and nickel – are common finishes with a modern, contemporary look. Nickel will not rust, fade or weather. It comes polished or in a dull finish.

Bronze – is found in brass and zinc, offering a rich, luxurious look. It is slightly lighter than black and variations offer a hint of light, an amber hue or copper undertone. It can create an old-world feeling although more contemporary designs exist.

Brass – has a distinct gold look that can be finished in several ways. Antique brass is more subtle with an aged look while polished brass has a shiny, vibrant look.

Copper – has a reddish tinge that suits modern and traditional spaces. It is typically combined with brass but can be used on zinc and other metals by dipping the base metal in a copper flash to create plated black and brushed for an antique look.

Black – is a color, offers many finishes from matte to glossy and is typically applied to brass or a powder coated finish over iron.

Pewter – is a great choice for an intricate design because it is a soft metal, and easier to work.